Not using social media to its full potential? 5 win-points when using social media correctly

Social media has become a war zone of sales and advertisement. It shouldn’t be, but that’s another issue. I’d like to remind you how social media can be used, or actually, how it was supposed to be used.

Boosting your brands’ image. Yes. It’s a goal that is much harder to calculate its ROI, but it’s a long-run goal worth gunning for. Boosting your image does not mean showing off your product or sale prices. These days, it means showing audiences how you interact with them and with your community. It’s showing how you deal with the individual buyer. It’s showing you care. These action items might sound farfetched or imaginary, but they’re not. All you need to do is decide that you want your brand to go down that road, and things will start moving that way.

Customer support. Apart from moving your support online and saving money by doing that, social media is the best place to have your customer support. It’s like helping people out in the town square. If you treat your customers well and attend to their problem, others will follow (and be your customers). This day and age customer service is a big issue with people when choosing where to spend their money. So focus on customer service scenarios in which you know people are watching. Yes, it’s hard. I don’t need your “it will be easier to shame my brand and post slurs” sentences. I’ve been there. Sit with some people persons from within your team and create scenarios that deal with ALL types of customers.

Marketing Insight. Reading what your customers say about you/your product/your competitors, can help you a lot in gaining the upper hand when planning your marketing tactics for the future. You can find real pain points. You can find a new way of using your product or packaging it. It can even go as far as collecting all complaints in the past year, categorizing them, and finding a marketing response for as many categories as possible, and acting upon those. Think of the impact your brand can get? Really listening to complaints and acting upon them? Revolutionary.

Saving money. Wait, what? Yes. Using social media correctly can save your company money. First, as I said before, using social media as your customer support hub you can save on people, phones, office space and more. Second, you can stop printing paper, or at least reduce its use, by using social media as your paper replacement. A customer needs a user manual? Link to download. A customer needs white papers/forms? Link to download. Another wants to fill out a form? Online form. Boom. Save money and some trees in the process. And moving to social media/digital makes everything move faster, thus, efficient, thus – cheaper.

Gain brand empathy. If you stop posting how remarkable your brand is, you’ll have time to listen (read) what your customers have to say or ask. When you do so, you’ll discover a whole new world of social media use – engagement. Increasing your brands' empathy will make people “feel” more for your brand, putting it almost first in line when trying to crack that ‘top of mind’ list. Giving information of value to your customers increases your brand empathy as well. Do it.

Interested in implementing it at your company? Let's meet.

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