From manpower to customer success to HR branding – changing the game

In a nutshell, I’m storytelling the industry’s approach to human beings as a way to show that if you want change, one that is considered a risk, you first need to say it out loud, the reality will follow.

Not long ago, and unfortunately in some companies today, you can still see ‘Manpower manager’ on someone’s’ office door. The word ‘manpower’ embodies everything that was and is wrong in business. First, it’s a gender thing but let’s put that aside.

It’s the whole concept that industry relies on power. I mean, once the industry did rely on power, but it also relied on women; during WWII women were hired to work in the steel industry and other factories while their husbands fought in Europe or in the Pacific. It was all for the cause.

As time went by and hi-tech technology was born, new jobs have emerged and brought with them the concept of the human being who is the employee. The title ‘Manpower manager’ was replaced with a plethora of names and titles, all trying to show off how they believe that putting the human in the center was the solution for everything; Human Resources Manager, People Manager and more. Of course, it took some time to reach a point that actually put the human in the center (or close to it). It went a bit too far with several Silicon Valley companies, making the employee so central that they couldn’t leave. I mean leave at the end of a working day. They were kept on and on and on into the night, or as we all know it – the golden cage idea.

If you want something to change drastically – start by stating it out loud. Yes, it could mean you'd be considered out of your mind, but only the great ones are!

More time went by, and suddenly a new trend of putting humans in the center emerged – but this time, the human in the center was the customer and new jobs emerged replacing the ‘ol account manager. You’re not managing an account, but the people or company, behind it. So, customer manager was born, which evolved into customer success, because the customers’ success is our success.

While these two concepts lived separately, in the past couple of years they merged into a new idea of how to run a successful business. But today the spotlight goes three ways;

a. Customer/client

b. Employee

c. HR Brand Communications

The new title – HR Brand Communications Manager was born out of the need to highlight the company as a great company to work for and move forward with. It’s basically trying to win the hearts of amazing employees elsewhere to come work for us. It puts the customer and employee in the middle with an overlapping, which is the company.

This progress in human beings is a concept in motion. Bringing us to this point was a lot of hard work and daring on the side of large companies. Unfortunately, they started shifting in thought only when competition was knocking on their doors. But still, they seeded the idea, and reality followed.

I’ll end with the famous quote from ‘Field of Dreams’: “If you build it, he will come”. If you want something to change drastically – start by stating it out loud. Yes, it could mean you'd be considered out of your mind, but only the great ones are!

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