Find your boredom. It’s creative.

I might be old (46 is the new 30, right?), but people are getting obsessed with automation not only at work, but even in their private life, allowing them to have more time to do something else, or in other words – getting even busier.

And that’s sad.

I see so many posts and a growing number of groups centered around automation and productivity. Turning your life into a semi-robotic process might give you comfort that you are constantly active, but it leaves creativity outside, and that’s even more saddening: questions like “How can I be more creative?” start popping up.

There’s no app for being creative and it definitely won’t show up when your day is so full of projects, meetings and other “things to do”.

People wake up with an app that scrutinizes their sleep and check it out. Then an app that tells them what to eat, wear and how to breathe. Then an app that helps them concentrate while automizing their workplace and life, and whatnot.

The 'HOW' to live better has sadly turned into the WHY.

It seems that everybody is afraid of some off time. Like they might die if they find a boring moment or, god forbid, a project-free few hours.

Well, let me tell you this: you WILL die if you keep up this lifestyle.

Give yourself the gift of boredom. Let your mind reach that point in which you have no practical thought about what you need to organize, what you need to do, who you need to speak to etc. Let your mind drift into emptiness.

There it is, see it?

That little sparkle at the end is called creativity. Now say it with me: Cre-a-tivity.

That is what’s going to keep you going.

Find your pause.

That moment in the rush of things that lets your mind drift. That’s when you’re going to find that ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ that creative solution to that annoying problem at work or in your home.

We each have our different kind of pause, but we all need one.

Try this.

Stop at the corner of the street and look at passers-by. Just look. Let their stories come to mind. See how it fills your brain with thoughts, solutions, and color. Breathe in. Look at more people, cars, kids, old people, police officers. Smile.

It sounds “new age”, but it’s the one thing that humans have abandoned over the years and, with all the technological advances and screens, have really been missing.

You could already have a pause of your own and just haven’t identified it as one, so take some time to put your finger on it and give it some more time.

Find - your - pause.

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