5 tips on getting your message out there!

On social media (LinkedIn included) it’s hard to get readers to stop what they’re doing (scrolling aimlessly) and concentrate on reading YOUR message. So, you try to get their attention first. Yes, there are many ways to do that, but none hold out for long as people get used to everything quite quickly.

#1 My first tip – get to the point as quickly as possible.

If you can, write it down in the first sentence, as I did. If it’s catchy enough – people will keep on reading.

Remember that if you want new clients or followers, they don’t know you yet, so starting off a long story with the message at the end – won’t work on them. It will work on people who already know you, and those are mostly the only ones who comment and reply.

#2 My second tip – write each post as if the readers see your page/name for the first time.

Remember that people got lazy since the internet and smartphones, so they won’t be bothered by actually DOING something for a brand or person they do not know. So, make it easy for them.

#3 My third tip – each public post needs to be a stand-alone piece of information – that means – put your contact details at the end of each post. Don’t let people search – or they’ll just move on.

As I’ve said earlier, people have become lazy, so even if they see a great tip or joke or product, they’ll mumble something to themselves and carry on.

#4 My fourth tip – tell them what to do. It’s not as if people are stupid, but research has shown that when scrolling aimlessly on social media, people tend to have zombie-like attitudes. So, when giving them a clear call to action – they act. Seriously. And it happens to everyone (it’s the research, not me) no matter what race, IQ, status, gender, etc. Tell people what to do – like, comment, click, etc.

#5 My fifth tip – decide where the main message is – in the text or in the visual/video. If your text holds the main message – find a visual that does not take the center of attention. If your visual/video holds the main message – keep the text short and simple. Have one message only per post.

Contact me for some brainstorming about your content moves with your company or brand – nimbod@gmail.com

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