5 things honest companies do in customer relations (first, not using clickbait like this:-)

1. Not using clickbait. Yes, I’ve said it in the headline. So, what am I talking about? Your brand needs to say it all upfront. Be very clear on what you are selling and what your customer is receiving. Remember that the first encounter is a crucial one and if you blow it by elevating expectations, and then not fulfilling them, you miss not only this one customer but also any friend and family the customer has.

It’s 2020, being honest and direct goes without saying. If it does need saying, there is something very wrong with your business.

2. Have a clear and operational customer service hierarchy for your customers to easily find (it's for your potential customer as well). Before one commits to your brand, it would be nice to know that if anything goes south, the customer would have someone to get help from. Having this contact information (that works) makes customers much more secure in your brand even if only a very small percent of them would actually use it. They still need to know it’s there.

3. A follow up on #2 – once a customer does reach out – do what you can to respond in time. Customer service is one of those customer touchpoints I really believe should be kept human. So, as much as you can – when responding to customers, try not to use bots. They rarely understand the true nature of a customer’s problem. If it’s location, opening hours and such, bots are a great help, they really are, but when thinking is needed, bots actually make it all worse, leaving the customer frustrated.

4. Transparency. Let’s say it again – it’s 2020, hiding crucial information which twists a customers’ arm into calling because that’s part of your “sales tactic” will backfire. It’s bad for business. Be open and transparent, have contact information, location, and even your team and management on display. In most cases, you can even show off your pricing packages. If you feel you need to hide information, customers these days will find out why.

5. Use social media to enrich customers' lives. Bring back added value to your content. I

know, it sounds basic social media for dummies, but just look around at the many brands out there, either using social media for “normal” advertisement, or sale announcements or as a boring bulletin board.

Use customer questions to create valuable content. Use your ‘user’s manual’ to create content. Create ‘How to’s’, life hacks, usability tips, customer testimonials (with “this is how I do it” tips) and more. Get information from your tech team, and make valuable content for your customers. This will make potential customers become paying customers much faster.

Oh, and If you truly believe that you don’t have any interesting or valuable content to give your customers – talk to me.
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