5 Marketing action items for 2020

There are so many things to do in 2020. So much to choose from. So this shortlist will help you by giving you direction. A "where to start" map, if you will. Share your thoughts at the end.

1. Use content to share knowledge. Not only on your brand. Brainstorm with your team and expand the scope of your brand. Bring your readers closer to you by feeding them with meaningful information. If you already use content – use more. Find new ways of sharing with your audience. If your brand is solid, you should never be worried that your divulging too much info.

2. Use marketing automation tools, but don’t overuse it. Build your marketing funnel and focus on your customer touchpoints. Find out where you can automize, and where you’d wish to automize. If it’s possible- go for it, but remember – automation is cold, general and disconnected with your audience. Use it only if the pros overshadow the cons.

3. Focus on data-based creativity. Facebook and Google are slowly taking away the reins of manual bidding and working hard on their own algorithms to target correctly. So that means you can dig into creativity. Be creative in using creativity. Get it? I’m so funny sometimes 😊. Use a/b testing on texts, visuals, landing pages, and content. Let numbers do the talking.

4. Use more video. Not only for advertising. Use video as an easy ‘How-to’ about your service or product, or use it as an easy Q&A video. A visual tutorial maybe? As it seems, 2020 is going to be the video year for everything. But as much as Facebook wants 3+ minute videos, don’t run there yet. Depending of course on your audience and goal of your video. If you don’t catch your audience in the first 8-30 seconds, you won’t get another chance.

5. Audience research. Find more targeted niche audiences. Take your audience you think you know so well and find out more. Drill down to find more pain points, more problems and more information your audience would like to get. And work hard on giving it to them. See it as a future customer investment.


6. Don’t forget your sales tactics. Marketing tactics help sales, but would never replace them.

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