Content is not just 'writing'!

I've been talking to some potential clients and often times I've been asked, as a content strategist, only about writing.

Yes, I, and other content people, write; we write articles, web content, landing pages, micro-content, marketing materials, user manuals and other text related stuff, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Or actually, one tip among many .

Content is not just about writing. Writing is one of many other solutions that are a result of content strategy and analysis. In some cases I would see a need for writing, in other cases writing would not be necessary. Writing is a result or an option when tackling a case.

When I say that I’m a content guy, it doesn't mean that I can only write.

Content strategy is information and how it's delivered. It’s not a conversation, it's what a conversation uses.

When the content is good enough, the information is used, consumed, understood and accepted, which leads to the target stated at the beginning (sales / awareness / anything else).

The information could be a web site article or a 404 announcement, but it could also be a slogan, logo, picture, TV add, a statue, a painting on a sidewalk, a billboard sign, T-shirts on a bunch of college kids etc. etc. etc.

I might be stepping on some toes by saying so, but content is a package, which is the connection between your brand/product/service and your customer or/and potential customer. It can include writing if needed.

The end user needs to get some added value from your content. If content is not aimed, directed or delivered correctly, you miss out.

A good content person knows advertising and marketing and POS and analytics and research and testing and what not. If after all that, he believes writing is needed, then he writes.

We do not “do writing” on our first meeting :-)

If all a client wants is writing (user manuals, technical writing or SEO) then he can freelance one of many companies that do exactly that. But to get to that point, the client needs to know that he needs only writing.

A good content person is what is needed at the beginning, in order to assess the whole picture; in house or out-sourced is not the issue at hand.

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